Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pizzelle Cookies

I make alot of these cookies at the holidays. YUM. I took some to the knit group on thursday night. People gobbled them up. Oh, I made rudolph too. One women wanted me to make her some extra. So I will try to make some for this thursday. It seems I make more and more every year. I use the recipe from the Betty Crocker Book.
I like mine a little brown .
At this knit group I have picked up some nice knitting patterns. One is for a cabled headband ( which I started last night while watching It's a Wonderfull Life). It won't take to long. Pattern # 2 is a lace mohiar scarf. Wow that stuff is fuzzy. But Gorgous. Pattern # 3 Diaginal Scarf Very pretty. Plus a few more. I also started the Lace Mohair scarf.


Let's Go Yarning said...

Yummy I wont a cookie.LOLOLOL


Sherryknit said...

I would mail you some but I think they would crumble.