Friday, December 5, 2008

Pink Waves Scarf

I have made alot of scarves over the years but I have to say. This scarf is pretty cool. I really love the pattern stitch. It is the nov. 27 post.

I went to my local yarn shop yesterday to pick up the other skein of of yarn that I needed for this scarf. I stayed 4 hours.

They were having their Thursday night get together. I had such a blast. Boy there are some really talented knitters out there. All of the people were knitting.
They were knitting socks, bags, hats, afghans, shawls, vests,baby afghans, and so on. They invited me back for next week. It is pot lock night. So I should bring something.Last night the lady that owns the shop had split pea soup and cookies and tea. I love tea. I was working on my scarf while I was there. One women had just finished this bag I saw at knitpicks new catalog. It is called Sipalu Bag . It looked soooo hard. She the people at knipicks really helped her with the pattern. She did not want to take to our local yarn shop cause she did not buy it there. But she brought it to show us the finished bag. It was Awesome.

I have been to other knit togethers before but they were so far away. This one is south of me about 20 min. away. Not to bad.

Now what to bring to the next meeting to eat??? Any ideas??????


HDMac said...

Oh.. I love that scarf and the yarn!!!! Great job!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Oh it's a rainbow! How lovely!

Sherryknit said...

Thanks Girls. I love the colors of this scarf