Monday, December 1, 2008

Here Fishy Fishy

Here are some pictures of our aquariums. We have 5 total. the biggest being 75 gallons.
We enjoy our fish. There is even a Aquarium Society in our area. It is alot of fun to go to fish auctions around here. The big boy up top is a Texas Ciclid. My husband bought him when he was itty bitty. Now he is huge. I did not care for him to much at first. You would be surprise the personality of a fish.
This tank is our 30 gallon. The round looking one is a Discus. My favorite.I need to take more pictures of the tanks. It is pretty hard to take pictures of fish. I was surprised. I keep deletting cause the picture is blurry.

Well I am so upset with myself. I have done this before but when??? will i ever learn. ?? When you buy yarn make sure you get enough to do the project. I bought 1 skein of wool called Kaleidoscope from elegant yarns it was $8.99. Very pretty yarn. Well I decided to make a scarf pattern with it. The pattern I was very excited about. I have half of it done and no more yarn.
I am going to try and call my local yarn shop (where I got it from) and see if she has any more. I just love the scarf. I will post a picture soon.


cats-rockin-crochet said...

Oh wow! Big fish, we have a tropical fish tank with small fish.

Let's Go Yarning said...

Wow Sherry I love your angel fish.I use to have 2 Angelfish they died they were big as a cup .Also had Oscar fish and I got rid of it because it was eating me out house home that sucker was huge .LOLOLOL All I have in my 55 gallon thank now is Tropical fish.