Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strawberry's & Fru Rosenlund

Yummy Strawberry's My mother-in-law bought some of these babies. First crop we have had from Cal. They were really tasty and juicy. II never really made anything with them cuz we kept just eating them up.

Fru Rosenlund has arrived. She is so cute. Yes I bought one all the way from Norway , from Ravenhill . I wish I could have gotten one of her birds too. They are so springy also. I was thrilled. Do ya like the purple fabric?? I think I am going to make bathroom curtains with it. Maybe I will crochet a edge at the bottom of the curtain. That is the plan. We will see.

Granny Squares, Granny Squares
To me they are very relaxing to crochet. Plus bright and cheery. what to do with them????I always seem to use cotton yarn when i make them. I think I am a Cotton holic.
Have A Great Day!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Marsala Chicken & Disney Fleece

Love Marsala Wine and Chicken and mushrooms and rice. YUMMMMMY!!! Very simple but soooooo good. Have ya ever tryed cooking with marsala wine. Strong smellin stuff. But I love the flavor when it cooks down. I am not much of a wine drinker, but I do like to cook with it sometimes.
We have had such lovely weather here in ohio. temp's in the 60's. I am so happy spring is this weekend.
I made my sister in law a little fleece blanket from the Disney characters . She just loves cuddling up in it.Sweetie Pie was being silly. I will have to take a picture of her in her new t-shirt next time.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Drop Stitch Scarf

Last year i went to the knitter's fantasy near where i live. Had a Great time. Well i bought this pattern. Well it came in a kit with different yarn.

Fell in love with the pattern. The yarn I used this time is Royal Bamboo from Plymouth yarn company. It is 100% Bamboo. SOOOOO VERRRRY soft. Slippery a bit. but really nice for this type of scarf.

Oh did ya see the fabric for the background???????

Amy Butler's Love design. LOVVE this fabric. What to make with it I don't know.

See my pretty babies.... Jewel is my Bichon Frise. She had a spring hair cut cuz well she loves to be outside . So hard to keep a proper cut Bichon in the spring and summer. But they have cute t-shirts on.

See the glass bowl to the left. That has their favorite treats in it. They were being so nice and patient, just waiting for a treat.

HAHAHA When are dogs patient for treats??????