Sunday, December 6, 2009

What's new???

This is my little snowman. He sits in front of a 40 gallon fish tank.

Are ya getting ready for the Holidays???? There is always sooo much to do. So little time. I am trying to get back in the swing of things. Hopefully there will be more blog posts.

One thing I made was this " Two Sticks" Cable Knitting Bag from My local yarn shop has some of there stuff.

I know the colors are very summery. I bought the yarn in the summer. I think it turned out cute. I used bulky yarn.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Canning Tomato's

So far 25 quart size jars.

Canned tomatoes are sooo delecious in the winter time. We put them in stews, soups, and of course chilli.
Cute tea pot . I have a small collection of them. I really love these chairs. Very comfortable. You won't believe but they came from a yard sale. 2 matching chairs from a local sale for 50 bucks.
Some pretty flowers from the front of my yard.

My pretty babies. Not the best picture. But Ohhhh so sweet.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun with Cotton and Cherries

For some reason I love to make dishcloths. It must be the feel of cotton. I found this cute pattern. So I had to knit a few . It is on the dishcloth Boutique site.
Plus I had to have a few Cherries. They really make me smile. Such sweet treats.
Just bursting with flavor.

I have been on a lot of medicines lately so I am craving foods. Cherries seem to help with the sweetness factor. Plus I am still able to get them here for around $1.99 a pound. So I am enjoying them.

This one I use 2 different colors. It kinda reminds me of a circus. Ya know Dumbo colors.

I keep running out of stitch markers. So I decided to make a few more. They are soo easy to make.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wow is it the 4 th of July!!

I have been very busy for the month of June.My parents and I went visiting family down the Ohio river. They live in a national forest in the middle of no mans land. These are my uncles cows.
We put flowers on the graves. This is the old church that my grandma Stella used to go to church. She was raised in a little log cabin down the road a ways.
I heard so many story's . My grandparents only had horse and buggy for years.

The Ohio River.

Went to Amish Country in Central Ohio. LOVE LOVE the country. So many things to see. I only took 2 yes 2 pictures. What was I thinking. There are alot of Amish villages around central Ohio. They sell baked goods, wood furniture. All kinds of things. Meats and Cheeses.

Then at the end of June I was in the hospital. BIG TIME SCAREY. Doctors say more tests to be done. Fun Fun.

Not much knitting or crocheting hopefully more soon.

Happy 4 Th of July Everybody!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Plants and Socks and a Puppy too!

My husband loves his Japanese maple tree. The little yellow plants are hosta's. Plus I have some Lamb's Ear. Pretty cool Huh. Sweetie Pie is growing leaps and bounds. She is at her terrible 2's. Tearing up her toys. Thank God for toys though. The only time you can get a good picture of a puppy is when they are sleepy.

My first pair of knitted socks. They took months, cause I kept finding other projects to do. I really loved making these. Kay the owner of my LYS has helped me soooooo much. I had no idea how to do these socks. She was patient and taught me how.

I gave these to my handicapped sister-in-law to keep her little feet warm.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Lucky Day at a Garage Sale

Look what I found at a Garage Sale in eastern Ohio. Guess what I payed for each set??????? Can ya take a guess?????

I pain 50 cents each. Wow!!!!! Yeah that's right 5 bucks for all. These days garage sales RULE!!!!!! If you can see in the plastic baggie is a j crochet hook, stitch markers, plus guards for knitting needles. I have been looking for double pointed knitting needles. Plus did ya see the double crochet hook ( crohook).
So I love to make crazy yarn bags. They are sooooo much fun. Anything goes.
This one as you can see is green's. Bamboo handles too.These bags are handy to make. I held 3 yarns together for this one.

Pretty plants from my flower garden. More hosta's of course.

Happy Memorial Day !!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hosta Plants I SO LOVE THEM.

My chives are doing wonderful. Plus the bearded Iris's are gorgous now.

Just a quick Hello!
I have been so busy with my garden and my mother-in-law's garden. Plus helping my parents.

I think this video on you tube is cute. It is called The Last Knit. Check it out

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Knitter's Fantasy

Spring has Sprung. I went to knitter's fantasy. I took 2 crochet classes. and had lunch. Plus did a little shopping. I told myself not to bring the checkbook and no credit card. Soo I had to borrow $1.00. to get the final pattern I wanted. Thank God for friends.
I had soo much fun. I stayed all day. Very interesting people were there, some were from all over the united states. One thing I noticed is that yarn and beads go well together. With either knitted or crochet patterns. Gorgeous stuff.
I fell in love with this yarn and pattterns from this company
The yarn is very cool looking.
then I got a stitch holder and 1 marker from
there were some gorgeous stuff there too.
Hopefully I can go every year now.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Puppy's and Hospital's


We finally got a new puppy. We are calling her Sweety. She weigh's 2 pounds. She was born on January 19th. Such a cutie. She is. Joe my husband is soo happy, he even named her. He played with tiny dog alot . Now he can train and play with Sweety.

Do ya like her bandana???
Remember my mother-in-laws pup? His name is Bo Bo. He came for a visit.
He never met our bird Ozzie yet. He walked in the room and Ozzie had a fit. So BOBO cryed for hours. He was SOOOOO Scared. We all laughed so hard our stomachs hurt.

I have been so busy with my dad. He had to go up to cleveland clinic for heart surgery. So far in 1 month he has had 4 surgery's. Very stressfull. But We ALL survived. I ended up getting a bad cold. Now it's in my chest. Thank God for antibiotics.

I brought my dad home yesterday. FINALLY.

I can't wait until next saturday. The knitter's fantasy is going on . I will be taking 2 crochet classes. I wanted to take a knitting class but they must of been full. I have not been knitting or crocheting much. Way to busy. But I hope to get back to it this week.

I hope everyone is well.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

new fancy yarn and fingerless mitts

This is new yarn from last week. Feeling yarn is so fun. The multi color one is silk. I think I will make a shawl with it. The varigated blue one, maybe a horizontal scarf. The green???? Not sure there.My first knitted fingerless gloves. WOW. I was nervous. But it worked. First time to use double pointed needles. I had used alpaca yarn. 1 skein and you see how much is left. I am pretty proud of myself with the thumb.
My external modem fried last week. So I could not check my emails and my favorite blogs for a while. I was surprised how much I missed it.
I went to my local yarn shop and bought more yarn since than. Plus a very cool book ( knitting). All about the knit stitch. Very cool patterns. Just plain knitting NO purling . Sounds interesting.
When you are a crocheter or knitter it seems you have soooo many ideas. Not enough time. Oh I signed up for a local Knitter's Fantasy. All day playing with yarn. I signed up for some crochet and knitting classes. In the fee you also get a really nice lunch too. April 4th. I can't wait. I never did anything like this before.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pink Cotton Washcloth & Soap Saver

These are some of favorite projects. You can't have enough of dish clothes or face clothes. Plus I love to crochet the soap savers. I found the pattern for the soap saver on Crochet Pattern Central. I have used that pattern for years.My dad had heart surgery last week for his defibrillator. He had a bad infection. The surgeon had to go in and clean and scrape the area where the defibrillator is. I have been soo busy with him and my mom. She has M.S. We are hoping he comes home today. This is a cute OLD picture of him . This was one of my favorite pictures of him.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Very Simple One Skein Scarf

I saw this yarn at Kay's yarn shop. Royal Bamboo made in Italy from Plymouth Yarns. Soooo Soft. I fell in love with it. I only had enough money for one skein. What do ya do with one skein???? Make a scarf??? I checked Ravelry( of course) and a women had written a simple pattern. I of Course made a few changes. I think it took me 2 hours give or take.1 skein very soft yarn 50 g= 93 yards ( what I used)
size 10 needles

Co 18
knit 1 row,
knit 1, yarn over, knit 2 together, keep doing this until end than
knit 1 row,
Bind off.

Very simple and lovely. That's what I think. I wish I had $200. so I could go into Kay's yarn shop and just buy everything in there that I want. Gorgeous stuff. I walk around and around just feeling her yarns. Sick Right??? I love wool yarn but I have to be carefull cause I allergic to it. But the colors that people come up with. Wow they POP. Kay has taught me sooo much about knitting. I am so grateful to her.

I have started alot of projects lately . I can't wait to show them.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The big crocheted cowl

If you can tell, I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn. Colorwaves yarn
Very Simple pattern
Crochet Hook I or J
Chain 90
Single crochet in* 2nd chain, then chain 1 * Do this to the end.
Join be careful not to twist.
Then turn and single crochet in the same stitch and chain 1. * single crochet and chain 1* until end.
Keep doing this until it is as long as you want.
My Mom made the best Chilli. I grew up in south Texas and one of the rodeo foods was frito's Chilli. Yum . I changed it up over the years. Now I add 2 or 3 types of Beans( Love Beans). Plus I try to can tomatos every year. When I can them, I put Zuccini and sometimes garlic and pepper. It really makes the canned tomatos good.
I have a crock pot so it makes cooking soups so easy. I don't know what I would do without my crock pot.

Almost finished. Just a few more rows. I did not know what I was going to do with this yarn. I tryed crocheting a very pretty shawl. But it totally messed up. So. This is what I thought of.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still Alive!!!

My Mother-in-law got a new puppy. He is sooooo cute. They named him Bo. I call him Bo Bo. We are having fun with a new puppy in the family.
I am still alive. This new Job is really different from what I am used to. So it is taking time to get used to it.

My husband and I will get a new puppy sooner or later. We still cry about missing Tiny Dog. Who knew that we were such babys when it came to our little dogs.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hat, Icesicle,Lots of Snow

My first knitted hat. It was very simple. Thank God. Check out the Icesickle. So many people try to knock them down and they end up hurting themselves. I have not been making much. Hopefully soon.
We have had a lot of snow. I think we have had 18 -20 inches in a few days. The roads can be sooo dangerous. I keep the birdhouses up just in case.

I was inside when I took these pictures hence the screens. My new job is okay I guess. Okay for now.