Monday, December 29, 2008

Headbands Knitted

I think Headbands are way cool. When I go to the Thursday night knitters group everyone is doing different things. Ponchos,blankets, hats, socks, purses, scarfs, you name it they do it.
I got this pattern from them. Very simple cable headband. But it is so cute. I am addicted to them.

I found out that because I am left handed, WELL they told me that I am Knitting left handed. I hold my yarn in my left hand. I guess that is wrong...
At first I was hurt by this. But now that is the way I do it. Maybe I will try to learn to do it right handed.

This is the last of the green yarn too. I am kinda glad. I was going to model it but well my hair is not done. HAHA
I started a white one now .I gave away the purple one.


cats-rockin-crochet said...

Sherry, they are great! And who care's in which hand you hold your yarn, do it the way you feel comfortable, there are no rules! I like your new blog look too!

Sherryknit said...

Thanks so much Cat.
I hope you have a Safe and Happy and HEALTHY NEW YEAR.