Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wow is it the 4 th of July!!

I have been very busy for the month of June.My parents and I went visiting family down the Ohio river. They live in a national forest in the middle of no mans land. These are my uncles cows.
We put flowers on the graves. This is the old church that my grandma Stella used to go to church. She was raised in a little log cabin down the road a ways.
I heard so many story's . My grandparents only had horse and buggy for years.

The Ohio River.

Went to Amish Country in Central Ohio. LOVE LOVE the country. So many things to see. I only took 2 yes 2 pictures. What was I thinking. There are alot of Amish villages around central Ohio. They sell baked goods, wood furniture. All kinds of things. Meats and Cheeses.

Then at the end of June I was in the hospital. BIG TIME SCAREY. Doctors say more tests to be done. Fun Fun.

Not much knitting or crocheting hopefully more soon.

Happy 4 Th of July Everybody!!!

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