Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Canning Tomato's

So far 25 quart size jars.

Canned tomatoes are sooo delecious in the winter time. We put them in stews, soups, and of course chilli.
Cute tea pot . I have a small collection of them. I really love these chairs. Very comfortable. You won't believe but they came from a yard sale. 2 matching chairs from a local sale for 50 bucks.
Some pretty flowers from the front of my yard.

My pretty babies. Not the best picture. But Ohhhh so sweet.

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Let's Go Yarning said...

Have fun canning Tomato's .I did that a month ago with what Tomatoe plants that didnt die from the little bug that gets in them from the ground and go up the stem and kills them slow to the top. Maybe I have better luck next year. I also just tasted my first canned saur Kraut it worked six weeks and had a can cooked with Franks you talking about good country cooking. YUMMY. I tought I come in leave you a note. I really dont leave much comments on blog like I should I stay busy with the farm work and the wifey thing around house and taking care my crocheting group with all my member's .We learn alote helping one another in crocheting come along be part of my group .