Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Lucky Day at a Garage Sale

Look what I found at a Garage Sale in eastern Ohio. Guess what I payed for each set??????? Can ya take a guess?????

I pain 50 cents each. Wow!!!!! Yeah that's right 5 bucks for all. These days garage sales RULE!!!!!! If you can see in the plastic baggie is a j crochet hook, stitch markers, plus guards for knitting needles. I have been looking for double pointed knitting needles. Plus did ya see the double crochet hook ( crohook).
So I love to make crazy yarn bags. They are sooooo much fun. Anything goes.
This one as you can see is green's. Bamboo handles too.These bags are handy to make. I held 3 yarns together for this one.

Pretty plants from my flower garden. More hosta's of course.

Happy Memorial Day !!!!!!


Let's Go Yarning said...

Sherry you got a good bargin on all them hooks at yardsale. Lucky you :>)
Now the question is what you going to make me with them.LOLOLOL :>)
Happy Crocheting Joan,

Sherryknit said...

You really have a sense of humor.HAHAHAHA

Great Bargain though.

Please keep on waitin!!!!!! Do you knit at all?????