Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Drop Stitch Scarf

Last year i went to the knitter's fantasy near where i live. Had a Great time. Well i bought this pattern. Well it came in a kit with different yarn.

Fell in love with the pattern. The yarn I used this time is Royal Bamboo from Plymouth yarn company. It is 100% Bamboo. SOOOOO VERRRRY soft. Slippery a bit. but really nice for this type of scarf.

Oh did ya see the fabric for the background???????

Amy Butler's Love design. LOVVE this fabric. What to make with it I don't know.

See my pretty babies.... Jewel is my Bichon Frise. She had a spring hair cut cuz well she loves to be outside . So hard to keep a proper cut Bichon in the spring and summer. But they have cute t-shirts on.

See the glass bowl to the left. That has their favorite treats in it. They were being so nice and patient, just waiting for a treat.

HAHAHA When are dogs patient for treats??????


Ravenhill said...

Your scarf is so springy and pretty! And lucky you to have some of that gorgeous Amy Butler fabric. I have ordered a few of her newest prints too and am so looking forward to getting them.

Don't you have the most charming companions! They look darling together. What fun it must be!
♥ Emily

Sherryknit said...

I just ordered one of your spring dolls.... I am in LOOOOVE!!!!
Thank you so much!!!!!

I don't have any idea how long it will take to reach me???? I never ordered from another country before. I think your country is lovely.

Thanks for commenting too.