Tuesday, July 3, 2012

new buys and a southern pie

 Hello everyone,

I just bought Adele 21...... Oh my I love listening to her. 

My dad bought me a new kindle fire.  I am trying to get used to it.  I have been reading books on paperback all my life.  So it seems really nice.  I like all that it can do.

This is the book I am reading on my new kindle.  So far so good.
This is a awesome Lemon Pie

3 ingredients
plus shell
I go the recipe from Joan at http://letsgoyarning.blogspot.com/


Let's Go Yarning said...

I see you made my pie!It's yummy ? I told you couldn't stop on one piece. LOLOLOLOL
Hugs Joan,

Sherryknit said...

i could not stop at one piece.....
it was yummy.... thanks