Friday, February 25, 2011

My first ever quilt

One thing I always wanted to learn was to make a quilt. I finally got enough courage to make one. I have been hoarding Amy Butler's LOVE fabric and I didn't know what to do with it. My handicapped sister-in-law's birthday was Wednesday. So I gave her my first quilt.

I have made pocket in a quilt before but no real quilt. I even did binding. To me that was scary. But I just LOVE it.

I am so Happy with it. It is 10 inch squares. I quilted them in the ditch. I did not want to do anything to hard.

<<>This poor kitty. I have used this before. I just think it is soo cute. We have stray Cats around.3 black and white long hair. This winter has been sooooo bad cold, ice, and snow. We have been feeding them cat food. Plus please don't forget the chickens. we feed them too. I am amazed that they cross the street every day to for us to feed them. It's a shame that the owner does not feed them. We are getting hammered with snow again.. So far 6 inches. Plus ice.

Have A Great Day

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