Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tea

Sea Cottage recently started Tuesday tea. That's were you post a little something about your day or week and have a little tea.

So something about today. I have posted 2 times in one day. Plus I am still in my nightgown. That's sad I know.

This is a little tea pot I have had for a while. Not real fancy but I love the colors.

So now I am going to enjoy some of that delicous banana bread and some hot tea.
Have a Great Day


fairmaiden said...

Thank you so much for joining me for 'Tuesday Tea'. What a sweet pot you have and I love banana bread. So nice to meet you. ox~ Fairmaiden

Sherryknit said...

Thank you for the sweet comments.
Have a Great Day

Pammy Sue said...

What a great teapot! I don't even own one. Shame on me.

Thanks for commenting and welcoming me back. I'm glad to be better!