Saturday, April 18, 2009

Knitter's Fantasy

Spring has Sprung. I went to knitter's fantasy. I took 2 crochet classes. and had lunch. Plus did a little shopping. I told myself not to bring the checkbook and no credit card. Soo I had to borrow $1.00. to get the final pattern I wanted. Thank God for friends.
I had soo much fun. I stayed all day. Very interesting people were there, some were from all over the united states. One thing I noticed is that yarn and beads go well together. With either knitted or crochet patterns. Gorgeous stuff.
I fell in love with this yarn and pattterns from this company
The yarn is very cool looking.
then I got a stitch holder and 1 marker from
there were some gorgeous stuff there too.
Hopefully I can go every year now.